Welcome, Gender and Women’s Studies Colleagues!

Thank you for attending our panel at the “Bodies of Resistance” symposium here at University of Wisconsin-Madison. You may access our presentation materials by clicking on the “Conferences” page of this website. From there, you can open our slide deck and our presentation notes at your leisure.

Please reach out if you have any questions about our talk today. Noah can be reached at bukowski.18@osu.edu, and you can find Liz at miller.7581@osu.edu.


An Ongoing Project

Some of you may know that a few years ago I produced an online resource for incorporating the tenets of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into composition classrooms at the university level: A Pedagogy of Access: UDL in the Composition Classroom. As always, issues of access are at the front of my mind, and I designed the website as a means to think through the accessibility of my own pedagogies, to offer instructors helpful information as they design courses and syllabi, and to present that information in readable and easily navigable ways.

While the project is far from perfect, I remain pleased with my attempts. Now, however, is the time to reflect upon my pedagogies once again; please join me as I work to rethink these issues and revise the website resource to better reflect my growth in the field, knowledges that have been produced in the interim, and materials that I overlooked at the initial time of writing.

Much work remains to be done, and I expect the resource to grow and shift as I progress throughout my academic career.